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 Heaven or Hell

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: Heaven or Hell    07 2013, 21:11

The last thing I remember is laying in the bathtub. The water was all red, my blood was all over the place. The razors were on the floor, next to my soaked clothes.

Right now, I was sitting on the grass in a dark forest, completely alone.

Was that death? Was that afterlife? Wandering in the darkness until forever?

Its not just that. a man was standing behind me, smirking. Its your own idea of afterlife. Its neither Hell, nor Heaven.

And I guess you are neither Satan, nor God? I said tartly.

Oh, no, no, no. I am Satan. But thats because there is no God. And I have nothing to do with him or the legends about him.

If you are Satan, shouldnt you be in Hell?

Lets go for a walk. he said and he helped me stand up. Hell is on Earth, my darling. This is where you experience the most pain, where all the tragedies happen, where you feel miserable, where you cry, where you are unhappy. he paused for a moment and looked at me. But here Oh here, everything is perfect. Here you are perfect.

Am I really? In this dark forest?

Thats the interesting thing. We are where you most want us to be. You have always dreamed of going out of town, in the forest, to watch the stars. Just the stars, nothing else. Without the lights of the city distorting their beauty. he smiled. Look up.

I looked at the sky.

So many stars, shining bright through the darkness. I had never seen anything like this before. It was beautiful. It was perfect.

See? It is perfect indeed. This world is you. And you are perfect too. he reached for my hand. Lets walk together. Come on. he added when I didnt move. Its not like you can die again. he laughed maliciously.

I put my hand in his and we started walking in the darkness. It was so dark that I could only see the trees that were closest to me. Everything else was black. Invisible.

How is this my perfect afterlife? I asked.

Oh, my dear, it is so very simple. he smiled. This is the place you dreamed of the most. This is where almost everything you wish for will come true. Its the perfect life without the bitterness of the Earth. As I told you, this is where the real Hell is.

But there is no one here. I said. Well, except for you.

Oh well, everything comes at a price, my darling. You cant have everything. You chose to come here and get rid of all the pain and bitterness. However, you also chose to be alone. Its just you and your perfect world here.

No one told me that this was the price that I had to pay! I was confused. Is that what I wanted? Is that what I had sacrificed my life for?

Satan started laughing uncontrollably. His laugh was twisted and wicked. He was enjoying my confusion.

No one said that afterlife was all unicorns and rainbows. Look at it this way it is after-life, which means that it comes after your real life in Hell, I mean on Earth. It is logical to lose something on your way to perfection.

This is too much

Is it tough? Satan gave me one of his evil smiles once again. It is people that make us sad, that make us miserable. It is interactions with them that cause us pain. Havent you ever thought how much better it would be if there was no one there to hurt you?

But people can also make you happy. Sometimes just a smile, a hug or a kiss can turn everything around it can make all the pain go away. Life is full of beauty and you cant just say that it is all evil! Everyone should value life, they should find something good in every day and be strong in order to survive for as long as possible.

Then what are you doing here? he asked.

What was I doing there?

Why did you decide to end it? What brought you here? Come on, think about it. If you love life so much and consider it so beautiful and valuable, what are you doing here? he looked at me with disdain. You are a hypocrite, just like every other human being. You left your life because you were sick of people judging you, mocking you, telling you that you are wrong, when you have put so much effort in everything that you did. How is that fair? you think. Why is everyone so mean and so malicious? Here is why because human beings are ultimately designed to be evil. Its in our nature to hurt people. It is much harder to be good, to be benevolent and kind. And since people feel unable to change, they have invented this God of theirs, hoping that He will guide them, that He will tell them how to be good and then lead them to Heaven. Ha-ha, Heaven. We all get our own Heaven, like you did. You go to the place where you want to be the most! Here you can enjoy a life without peoples bitterness and rudeness, where you can be all by yourself, where you can be you.

We had stopped walking. The only light that I could see was coming from his eyes. He was angry. He was right. What was I supposed to do now?

Alright, I will give you a choice. You obviously dont understand the essence of existence. Therefore I will give you the chance to decide what you want to do. You can either stay here and enjoy your perfect self in your perfect world or you can go back to Hell pardon me to Earth and see with your own eyes how bitter and malevolent people are.

He raised his hand anticipating a handshake.

So which one is it? Heaven or Hell?
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: Re: Heaven or Hell    17 2013, 16:35

Very Happy

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Heaven or Hell
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